When We Were Very Young

This is a book so close to my heart I can recall a tear just looking at it! The stories of A. A. Milne were a part of my childhood forever tied with the memory of my grandmother. She was as entranced as we were by Christopher Robin and his friends, and legend has it she regularly continued reading long after we had fallen asleep.

Milne is famously known for his Winnie the Pooh adventures, however this little tome of verse is just as enchanting. Dedicated to Christopher Robin himself (‘or, as he prefers to call himself Billy Moon…’) we get an intimate glimpse of life from the perspective of this little boy – his family, his imaginary games and his dear tubby Edward Bear.

‘Decorations’ are of course by Ernest Shepard, perfectly depicting the air and poise of a young child. They also serve as a visual tardis, transporting us seamlessly from the 18th century Royal court to the streets and sights of 1920’s London via daffodils, rice pudding and London Zoo. Beautifully expressed and utterly delightful!

The King’s Breakfast and Vespers are two of my favourites.

I bought this edition of all the stories and verses for a dear friend of mine and it is quite special!