This Is London

I love this! This children’s book was first published in 1959 but it sits so comfortably in the noughties with its real-retro style. Miroslav Sasek was a Czech illustrator and author who wrote the ‘This is…’ series over a period of fifteen years and had a canny eye for the details that define a place and its people.

‘This is London’ is a thoughtful and humorous tour around our capital city, showing us the palaces and parks, taking us for afternoon tea and poking fun at The Great British Queue. I was surprised by how much I learnt myself from this children’s classic, and although these observations are firmly from a sixties-eye view they certainly still hold a great deal of relevance – and I must confess a secret longing for the days of nannies pushing prams and men in bowler hats!

Available from Amazon, and there are many more in the series… This is the way to the Moon is next on my list!