Stockholm calling….


I promised a scandi-post a couple of weeks ago, but it has taken me this long to get organised… Claire, myself and another lovely lass spent a refreshingly sunny weekend in Stockholm visiting a good friend living over there with her gorgeous son and soon-to-be-new-baby. It is a city that has drawn me many times over the years (although I still don’t know my way around) and every time I am struck by the aesthetic culture that is as prevalent in Sweden as vikings and rollmops. Scandinavian design is a well established ethos but to visit really drives home just how flippin’ good they are at it – every detail is considered, from toilet floors to bottles of water.

Needless to say we did a lot of fabulous eating, and a fair amount of shopping, and here is a little taste of what we found…

From Design House Stockholm, these colourful cheeky birdies.

Fab storage in these cute house boxes.

These teak carved monkeys completely stole my heart… although with a four figure price tag I’m glad I left my credit card at home. Also from Design House Stockholm.

This little chap is so cute, we all had to have one! Ours is now sprouting a healthy head of cress… From Mique, as is the Apple Lamp above.

Elephant print fabric, so delightfully Swedish…

And for inspiration underfoot, painted tiles like these are everywhere…

and had I had a big enough jumper, a particular hotel would now be without this delectably threadbare rug!