Raspberry Cookies


Firstly, an apology for being absent these last ten days. My boys and I have been in quarantine thanks to various colds and a dose of chicken pox. I had imagined myself posting a ‘How to Entertain a Poorly Child’ article, showing us baking apple crumble and making get well cards – however the reality was that we were all too exhausted and snowed in with tissues to engage our imaginations all that much!

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Miga de Pan

This post isn’t really from me, its from Mrs French whose happy-inducing Blissful pages I have been following for a while now. She has an eye for the most delightful delights and wrote about these little chaps by Miga de Pan earlier in the week – I had to take a closer look because these toys are beyond gorgeous. Crocheted by hand in Buenos Aires, which I’m discovering to be something of a hand-made heaven, they give me an urge to squish something in an overzealous cuddle.

And just look at this garland!

Have a long look at the rest of her offerings too because there are canvasses, blankets and much more – all of them wondrous. And no, ladies, I doubt whether Uncle Ruper is for sale too… although it might be worth asking…



This little number is my new favourite picture book. Illustrated and written by Oliver Jeffers it tells the tale of young Floyd who’s kite becomes stuck in a tree. He then begins the comic and mildly unwise performance of throwing things up after it to knock it loose – among which are a ladder, a fire engine and an orangutan (‘who surely had somewhere else to be…’) .

The illustrations are cutely, colourfully naive and the story is just so funny! I couldn’t get it down… Sorry, I mean put it down…

Available from Amazon, Waterstones & co.



‘Ere be Dragons

I have a major urge to redecorate. I am utterly, bewilderingly and unashamedly in love with these Paperboy wallpapers. I can’t claim to have seen them in any more depth than these 2D images, but I figure sometimes the internet dating philosophy works for shopping too.

They are adorable for toddlers and retro for teens. They are beautifully designed. They are nostalgic and utterly contemporary. At £60 a roll you perhaps wouldn’t do a whole house (however tempted I might be) but to add that touch of wonder to your boys boudoir I think these are Perfect (note the capital P). And just to tip me over the edge, they do fabric too… swoon…

Now, Dragons or Spitfires…


Wooden Train

Eichhorn are a German toy maker, established in the 1800’s and they make the loveliest wooden toys. For some reason they seem to be something of a rarity outside the mainland, but they are of superb quality and always painted in bright glossy colours. We were given one of these little trains when our eldest was teeny and it is still a firm favourite –  it is also in surprisingly good condition considering it has been royally crashed, thrown and gnawed over the last four years!

This particular little engine is from their ‘Collection’ range, where you will also find this cute pull-along snail. If only toddlers had wheels and a string…



This Is London

I love this! This children’s book was first published in 1959 but it sits so comfortably in the noughties with its real-retro style. Miroslav Sasek was a Czech illustrator and author who wrote the ‘This is…’ series over a period of fifteen years and had a canny eye for the details that define a place and its people.

‘This is London’ is a thoughtful and humorous tour around our capital city, showing us the palaces and parks, taking us for afternoon tea and poking fun at The Great British Queue. I was surprised by how much I learnt myself from this children’s classic, and although these observations are firmly from a sixties-eye view they certainly still hold a great deal of relevance – and I must confess a secret longing for the days of nannies pushing prams and men in bowler hats!

Available from Amazon, and there are many more in the series… This is the way to the Moon is next on my list!