My Best Book About Me

My Best Book About Me is a baby book with a difference. Created by Swedish illustrator Terese Oman under the label Fill & Tell, these colourful books invite parents and grandparents to tell the real story of those precious first years that make our children who they are.

Toddling several steps beyond asking for dates of first teeth, or leaving a space for a lock of hair, these quirky, and wonderfully illustrated books have headings such as “Mummy put on ___ pounds when expecting me”, and “Music that made me dance…” as well as my favourite “When I reached the terrible twos we mostly argued about…”.

The other album For My Grandchild asks grandparents to detail their own lives – how they met, their own childhoods, and even includes a beautiful family tree to complete.

Family memories and stories are to be cherished, and in the wonderful, terrifying and exhilarating world of parenthood, this is the stuff that really counts!