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Stuff & Nonsense

Bonjour! Sorry I haven’t posted for such a long time – there has been so much going on in our little household these last weeks that PuddleMonkey has taken something of a back seat. I am feeling suitably guilty now, so while this post is really a bit of stuff and nonsense I feel better […]


Meet the Sammies. This children’s travel range from Samsonite have little people appeal with grown-up benefits. They are made from lightweight, durable canvas making them easy for little ones to pull along, and the details are adorable.¬† Handy pockets hide under trunks and tails, and the pull handle zips neatly away when not needed. The […]

My Circus

This quirky little book by Xavier Deneux was a first birthday present to our little Henry earlier this year, from Claire. My Circus has a soft matt cover that is wonderfully tactile, and high gloss podgy-finger-friendly board pages.

Dungarees Please

Dungarees have always been a favourite with me – for boys and girls alike, they just holler cheekiness and fresh air. So, I have done a little rummaging and found a handful of gorgeous styles to share, so your little monkeys can be as cute and mischievous as Tom Sawyer… aawwww Ma!

Belle & Boo

Remember the days when boys wore green knit tank tops and were in shorts until their teens? No, me neither actually, but Belle & Boo certainly make me feel I was there. I adore the Just William feel of these characters and particularly this Cowboys & Indians wall sticker…

Hatfield House

Hatfield House sits right next to its urban Hertfordshire town, however the moment you drive through the gate you are transported back several hundred years and floored by tranquility…

Easter Egg Tree

  Given that the air is infused with spring¬† I thought I would share this little Easter Egg Tree that I found last week, designed by Talking Tables…