Bonjour! Sorry I haven’t posted for such a long time – there has been so much going on in our little household these last weeks that PuddleMonkey has taken something of a back seat. I am feeling suitably guilty now, so while this post is really a bit of stuff and nonsense I feel better for writing it! In the last month there have been holidays, girlie weekends and we have even moved house – needless to say we are sleeping well at the moment. As I don’t have anything specifically boyish to share, here are a few snaps to show what we have been up to lately…

Nature hunting in Elveden…


A stunning flowerbed in a very sunny Stockholm…



… getting packed for the big move, and the first barbecue in our new house – with homegrown rosemary!


Do tune in later in the week for a proper post (with a Scandinavian theme… oooooh…)

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