Bright sound wave on a dark blue background. EPS 10 vector file included

Ours is a loud house. Giggly bundling, dinosaur role play, a 6 year old plastic guitar that just won’t run out of batteries, the occasional finger in a door… three young boys and a slightly hard of hearing husband add up to a brain shaking amount of noise.  Our 3 year old usually leads the din, screaming and stamping at the slightest slight, and in desperation a couple of weeks ago I googled ‘How to make my children quieter’. Up popped a link to Too Noisy, an app designed for the classroom which has subtly changed my life. It has a graphic gauge which swings up and down as it detects noise via an ipad or phone – you set the parameters for sensitivity and when it hits the limit an alarm sounds and the screen appears to crack.


I don’t usually take pleasure in my children’s discomfort but our 3 year old is terrified of this and it is doing wonders for his self control… It’s amazing how quickly he has learnt to channel zen and stop himself losing it. Now he is the one telling us to be quieter in case the alarm goes off. So if like us your walls shake on a daily basis, or you feel a stab of shame as you pass the neighbours, give this a go – it might just be the best £3 you ever spend.

Available from iTunes !