Our young Alfie has been entirely obsessed with trains since a rainy winter afternoon introduced him to The Polar Express a couple of Christmas’s ago.   He can wax lyrical for hours about roundhouses and fireboxes, has an artillery of whistle and steam sound effects, and has even asked to build fences around his cherished tracks to avoid his little brother getting hold… I admit there are times I have been mildly concerned, however I have actually found myself somewhat melancholy of late as I notice his so loved wooden set has stayed tucked away in favour of Lego and pirates. ‘The Little Engine That Could’ however, is proof that while he is well and truly on his way to being a big boy, deep down he is still my little monkey. It was given as a present recently and has pretty much stolen both our hearts! Originally published in the 1930’s as a retelling of a much earlier story (it will strike a chord of remembrance with many of our oldies), this edition is colourfully illustrated with a bygone feel and the story is one of determination and pluck in the face of adversity… you know the stuff. Buy it, read it, cherish it.

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