Clock hands inside a cup of coffee with stationery and college objects

I am useless at chunking techniques and would struggle to know a reciprocal pronoun when I saw one, but I had an idea at the start of this term which is making homework with my 8 year old a far more pleasant experience.

We go for a coffee. Ta da! On a Sunday morning, straight after breakfast, my eldest son and I escape to town and hole up in a coffee house. I take my laptop, he takes his pencil case and hunched over a bit-too-small table he cracks through his homework like it’s a Marvel comic. He even said he enjoyed it last week. I didn’t actually cartwheel down the street but I wanted to. Gone are the days of painful nagging, running up to his room every ten minutes to remove the lego man/nerf gun/rubber frog from his hands. No more procrastination weeding the precious weekend hours from under our feet. It’s done, dusted and back in his bag by 10am and we have a full day ahead to fill with completely new boredom. All for the cost of a smoothie.

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