The Fox and the Star

I don’t have words to describe quite how wonderful this book is. More fable than tale it tells the story of the relationship between a fox and a star. It is a story of love, separation and inner strength – so simple and so beautifully told. Poetry in prose and illustrations that take the breath away, it is a parable…



I should warn you this isn’t a dainty, painted wooden post. It isn’t handmade and it doesn’t come in monochrome or scandi styling. It isn’t even all that current… This is an old, coloured plastic and metal post, slightly dented. These things have been around for years, but having never had an 8 year old boy…

The Circus

My Circus

This quirky little book by Xavier Deneux was a first birthday present to our little Henry earlier this year from a good friend. My Circus has a soft matt cover that is wonderfully tactile, and high gloss podgy-finger-friendly board pages.