The Fox and the Star

I don’t have words to describe quite how wonderful this book is. More fable than tale it tells the story of the relationship between a fox and a star. It is a story of love, separation and inner strength – so simple and so beautifully told. Poetry in prose and illustrations that take the breath away, it is a parable…

The Circus

My Circus

This quirky little book by Xavier Deneux was a first birthday present to our little Henry earlier this year from a good friend. My Circus has a soft matt cover that is wonderfully tactile, and high gloss podgy-finger-friendly board pages.



This is my new favourite picture book. Illustrated and written by Oliver Jeffers it tells the tale of young Floyd who’s kite becomes stuck in a tree. He then begins the comic and mildly unwise performance of throwing things up after it to knock it loose – among which are a ladder, a fire engine…

This is London

This Is London

I love this! This children’s book was first published in 1959 but it sits so comfortably in the noughties with its real-retro style. Miroslav Sasek was a Czech illustrator and author who wrote the ‘This is…’ series over a period of fifteen years and had a canny eye for the details that define a place…