img_0239I should warn you this isn’t a dainty, painted wooden post. It isn’t handmade and it doesn’t come in monochrome or scandi styling. It isn’t even all that current… This is an old, coloured plastic and metal post, slightly dented.


These things have been around for years, but having never had an 8 year old boy before are entirely new to me. They have become a huge craze in no.1 son’s school, and despite my initial ‘whatever’ reaction they really are quite cool.

Beyblades are spinning tops. But they aren’t vintage and wooden, they are solid, metal, and they spin forever. They launch with a ripcord and are played as a battle with the spinners knocking each other out of a makeshift arena.  If they hit you they hurt.

There are different types, each with strengths and weaknesses, some with magnets to repel or metal bases for extra speed, and the kids ogle and trade and boast about them in true little boy style.img_0238

If Santa is struggling with stocking filler ideas these are perfect and guarantee hours of silence.

Available from The Entertainer