A New Era

I feel as if we’ve entered a new era of childhood in our house lately. Or maybe that I’ve entered a new era of motherhood. I have so far been very resistant to the dawning of gadget-hood, but No.1 son is heading towards 9 now, and has long been reporting tales of ‘everyone else’ in his…

Bright sound wave on a dark blue background. EPS 10 vector file included

In Pursuit of Peace

Ours is a loud house. Giggly bundling, dinosaur role play, a 6 year old plastic guitar that just won’t run out of batteries, the occasional finger in a door… three young boys and a slightly hard of hearing husband add up to a brain shaking amount of noise.  Our 3 year old usually leads the din, screaming and stamping…


The Fox and the Star

I don’t have words to describe quite how wonderful this book is. More fable than tale it tells the story of the relationship between a fox and a star. It is a story of love, separation and inner strength – so simple and so beautifully told. Poetry in prose and illustrations that take the breath away, it is a parable…



I should warn you this isn’t a dainty, painted wooden post. It isn’t handmade and it doesn’t come in monochrome or scandi styling. It isn’t even all that current… This is an old, coloured plastic and metal post, slightly dented. These things have been around for years, but having never had an 8 year old boy…


Homework Headway

I am useless at chunking techniques and would struggle to know a reciprocal pronoun when I saw one, but I had an idea at the start of this term which is making homework with my 8 year old a far more pleasant experience. We go for a coffee. Ta da! On a Sunday morning, straight…


Four Years

So, four years! It seems that life as a mum jumped right in the way and I had to put my PuddleMonkey baby on hold to take care of the real live ones. In that time we added another boy to the brood, so I stand here now as the mother of three. All of them…


Scones etc.

I love the west country. If this was 1983 I would print it on a t-shirt. It is just beautiful, and it makes me love our countryside. I honestly can’t claim to know the rest of our little island anywhere near as well, but if it reflects the rest of our green and pleasant land in any…